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product-shotHair Restoration Clinic was established in 2014.  We are a multi-therapeutic approach clinic, which treats many types of Hair Loss issues.  Gone are the days when you have to contend with receding hairline or thinning hair.  We treat many issues including, Alopecia Areata, Female and Male pattern baldness, Androgentic Alopecia, Scarring hair loss, Chemotherapy hair loss and many more.

We also offer your follow up treatments for Follicular Unit Extraction, and hair transplants.

We are your one on one service representative.  There are minimal technicians involved.  We will track your results personally and have doctors and nurses available for any additional needs and follow-up.

We have been certified and trained with USTI one of the leaders in the Hair Loss industry.

We have had countless opportunities to consult and examine clients and make recommendation for treatment plans to meet their needs.

Call us today at 302-981-9095 or reach us at www.thehairexperiencedelaware.com,   or www.facebook.com/thehairexperiencehrc or Trina Jones, The Hair Experience, www.facebook.com/trina.jones.948494.